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The World of ART – Celebrating 2018 & Big Updates for the New Year

ART’s first full year of operations draws to a close, and what a year it’s been! We delivered over 25 courses and events on 4 continents to almost 800 people, established our nonprofit organization to bring our work to prisons and schools, trained a dozen new ART Course Leaders, presented at the world-renowned Summit Conference in LA, launched our popular monthly Masterclass Calls, and increased our staff to 8 amazing humans.

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The 4th Practice of Authentic Relating: Own Your Experience

Owning your experience is one of those standalone AR skills that can single-handedly radically transform the quality and depth of your relationships, if used skillfully. Owning your experience can have you reclaim all the ways you assert your opinions, perspectives, and assumptions and project them onto the fabric of reality, and find the source of your experience within yourself rather than outside of yourself.

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The World of ART – News & Updates – Fall 2018

Seasons are changing around the world, from the impending monsoons of Bali to the falling leaves and temperatures in the US and Europe. As many people start going into hibernation in the coming weeks and months, we’re closing out a huge year feeling incredibly grateful for how our work has been expanding and having an impact on more and more people.

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The Most Influential and Life-Changing Books of All Time: 21 to 40

If you enjoyed the first part of our crowdsourced book list, take a look at the next 20 (plus a couple of bonus books that we just couldn’t leave off the list!). As many of us are constantly looking for book recommendations to inspire and empower us, we surveyed our friends, teachers and clients of diverse backgrounds and interests to share their recommendations. We hope this list of the most influential and life-changing books of all time will be a valuable resource for you, and seriously uplevel your summer reading!

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The World of ART – News, Updates, Courses – May 2018

Spring is well under way here in Boulder – sunny days, warm evenings, chirping birds and blooming flowers. Along with all the springtime life around here, it’s been a busy season at ART – we just completed our full sequence of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Leadership Training courses back-to-back in Bali, and are delivering upcoming courses in Brisbane, Maui, Ubud, Seattle, Portland, Boulder, Amsterdam, and Stockholm over the course of the summer.

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The World of ART – News, Updates, Courses – Spring Edition

Night is falling here in Boulder, on this warm spring day in early April. The last spots of snow are melting in the foothills, and it feels like everyone is leaning into the freedom of impending summer. I’m about ten days out from joining my bro and ART co-pilot Jason Digges in Bali to lead a series of our courses in Ubud – including our first ever Leadership Training Program at the end of April – and using the time to reflect on ART’s journey so far and yet to come.

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