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Are you ready to be the Leadership you wish to see in the world?

Are you willing to leverage your own transformation for the awakening of others through the shaping of culture?

Welcome to The ART of Being Human - Level 2

Authentic Relating Training​

Level 2 Course Description

To be a whole and integrated human being means knowing and welcoming yourself fully, including the parts of yourself that you turn away from, suppress, and disown.

The ART Level 2 Training will guide you to explore your own shadows and those of others in a tightly held conscious, relational space. You will be witnessed and welcomed in your journey, and have access to vast new realms of authentic connection in the intimate and vulnerable territory we explore together.

The Level 2 course includes skills and practices in these areas:
  • Nervous system training – how to be with any charge and stay empowered and composed
  • Group attunement – how to tune into a group field and notice and name what’s present
  • Integrity as a practice – how to establish, maintain, and restore a personal standard of integrity
  • Body language – how to read, perceive and interpret all forms of body language
  • Multiple perspectives – how to hold multiple perspectives and use them as a bridge to connection
  • Own your experience – going deeper into owning your experience than at the Level 1
  • Making the implicit explicit in culture and society
  • Dignity and humility as an embodied experience and reference point
  • Public speaking – how to be known and revealed in speaking to groups
  • Other high-level advanced authentic relating tools and skills offered throughout the course

*NOTE:  You may register any time, but note that ART Level 1 is a prerequisite to ART Level 2.  Your Level 1 must be completed before your Level 2 course begins as we will be building upon many of the insights and teachings from that course. 

“My experience with the facilitators was out of this world. The containers they held made opening up very safe and welcoming. I really enjoyed the practical application of the tools they taught and the real life examples that touched my heart. The laser-like deepening of their facilitation made it easy to access the places that were yearning to be seen.”
- Sasha
“It felt truly like a coming home. Since the workshop ended I’ve noticed a greater sense of peace within myself: less anxiety, a stronger connection to the present moment, a willingness to surrender, and an ability to connect more deeply with a people in my daily life. I frequently draw strength and wisdom from the course to help heal myself and show up more fully in my relationships. Thank you so much for sharing this work with us!"
- Apryl
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Level 2 Online Course

Using Zoom as our online workshop platform, highly trained and experienced Senior Course Leaders guide you through a thoroughly tested and proven sequence of advanced authentic relating exercises designed to teach you the most powerful tools to create and deepen connection, with facilitated group conversation after each exercise to ensure maximum learning.

  • Six 3-hour sessions offered once per week on a weekday evening, for six weeks in a row
  • Invitation to ART graduate-only follow-up sessions
  • Multiple time zones to accommodate all geographic locations

ART Level 2 Online Dates
>>> Please note that all online courses are open to participants anywhere in the world.

Prior to registering, use this time zone converter to make sure you have the correct days and times in your time zone.

START DATE: January 12, 2022 (6 weeks/6 sessions)

>>> Conducive to US/Canada and Europe time zones (check yours here)

  • Course Schedule: Wednesdays, 9am – 12pm US Pacific Standard Time / 6pm – 9pm Central European Time
  • Session Dates: January 12, 19, 27, February 2, 9, 16
    • Senior Course Leader: Margo Greenwood
    • Assistant Course Leader: TBD
  • Cost: $395 USD

ART reserves up to two discounted seats at all our Level 1 and Level 2 courses for those with financial constraints. Please follow this link to access the application

other online offerings

  • The ART of RecoveryJoin ART Course Leaders Christopher Gray and Drew Lawson for an experience designed specifically for those seeking freedom from addiction to substances, other people, or compulsive behaviors. We’ll share our best tools and skills for establishing, maintaining, and coming back into connection – with ourselves and with others. We’ll explore the power of owning and letting go of blame, and for claiming our dignity through compassionate humility. Click here for course dates and details.
  • Authentic Leadership Program (ALP)The ALP teaches emergent leaders how to show up in the world with dignity, humility, authenticity, and integrity, and how to produce and facilitate shared experiences that channel their unique gifts into real action and cultural transformation. Led by our most senior Course Leaders, the ALP is conducted entirely online and guides participants through an intensive and deeply immersive program that combines teachings, mentorship, self-study, group explorations, and accountability structures that together create an emergent leadership pathway that produces profound transformation in self and in the world. Click here for course dates and details.
  • Shadow Academy – Join facilitators Chris Gray and Ash Witham for this individual & group process designed to bring insight into our hidden nature and impulses, so that we may integrate rather than repress aspects of ourselves. We’ll dive in together through relating exercises, the wisdom of the group, and integrative assignments and tools. Supported by the power of welcoming, curiosity, dignity, humility, and the core concepts of Authentic Relating, we will support one another on the journey to self acceptance, integration, and expansion of what it means to be whole and human. Click here for course dates and details.


Please note that we ask all participants to join each session via audio and video, so please ensure that you have the necessary internet bandwidth to participate fully. We kindly ask that you sort out any technical issues in advance, as to limit disruption to the group experience. We also ask that you check your time zone in advance to make sure that you have the correct days and times for the course calls.

As our courses have limited spots available, we will not be able to offer any refunds due to technical/internet connectivity issues or incorrect time zone calculations. Course transfers may be offered only if available and at the discretion of ART International. Please note, a $100 admin charge will apply in these circumstances. 

ART Online Level 2


**You must be a graduate of an ART Level 1 course to register for any ART Level 2 course**

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payments are processed in USD. Local currencies are listed for reference, based on exchange rates at the time the course was posted.

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Additional information

Location & Date

Start Date: January 12 – Wednesdays PST/CEST ($395)


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Level 2 Live Course

ART Level 2 Upcoming Dates

You can read ART International’s full COVID-19 policy here

Course Schedule: Most courses are Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 8pm; there will be a note in the schedule below if a specific course location has a different schedule.  If you have specific needs regarding accessibility, please reach out to us before submitting your order to confirm that the venue for your chosen course can accommodate your needs.
  • Boulder, Colorado – December 11 & 12
    • Course Leader: Ryel Kestano
    • Location: Community Sanctuary
      • 1025 Rosewood Ave. Boulder, Colorado 80304
  • Boulder, Colorado – May 14 & 15
    • Course Leader: Dayna Seraye
    • Location: TBD
  • Coming Soon!
  • Coming Soon!
  • Coming Soon!

If the venue is not linked in the list above, it may be hosted at a private home. Address and venue details will be emailed to participants before the course. Should you need this information now, contact us and we’ll help you out!

If you have specific needs regarding accessibility, please reach out to us before submitting your order to confirm that the venue for your chosen course can accommodate your needs.

ART reserves up to two discounted seats at all our Level 1 and Level 2 courses worldwide for those with financial constraints. Please follow this link to access the application.

Ryel Kestano


Ryel is the lead designer of ART’s curriculum, develops the company’s long-range growth strategy, and is a Senior Course Leader. Prior to co-founding ART International, Ryel oversaw all training operations at the Integral Center in Boulder, a world-renowned leader in transformational workshops. He has been a course leader, course supervisor, facilitator and coach since discovering authentic relating several years ago. Ryel is also the co-founder and visionary behind Virtuance, one of the largest providers of real estate photography in the world, and the co-founder and visionary behind Pink Mammoth, one of the Bay Area’s largest and most successful creative arts collectives. Ryel has four very authentic kids and lives in Boulder.

You can find more information about our other facilitators here



Rick is an international education consultant and national presenter. He has shared practical teaching strategies to over a hundred thousand teachers and teacher-trainers worldwide, including two years training American Peace Corps Volunteer Teachers in Ghana, West Africa. Rick was a classroom teacher for over fourteen years, focusing primarily on students-at-risk. He’s been a mentor/support provider and mentor coordinator for many years, and has taught in both Elementary and Secondary Credential programs in northern California. Rick has conducted hundreds of workshops and keynotes throughout the world that are consistently praised for both their motivational and practical value.

You can find more information about our other facilitators here


ART Level 2


**You must be a graduate of an ART Level 1 course to register for any ART Level 2 course**

IMPORTANT NOTE: All payments are processed in USD. Local currencies are listed for reference, based on exchange rates at the time the course was posted.

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Additional information

Location & Date

Copenhagen, Denmark: November 13 & 14 ($395 USD), Boulder, CO: December 11 & 12 ($395 USD), Boulder, CO: May 14 & 15 ($395 USD)

Questions? Schedule a Call with an ART Facilitator

Scheduling a call with one of our Course Leaders is a great way to get your questions answered firsthand by the amazing humans who facilitate our Level 2 courses.

We are here to help you feel comfortable with what to expect, share in more detail about the benefits of our Authentic Relating program, and to be a sounding board as you decide if ART Level 2 is a good fit for you.

If you have a quick question that can be better answered via email, feel free to email us at or submit your question here for a more immediate response.

  • What type of questions do you have for us and who from our team would best support you?

Five percent of all ART International profits are donated to Realness Project (RP), ART International’s sister organization and 501(c)3 nonprofit, bringing authentic relating training to jails, prisons and schools. ​

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