Authentic Relating Courses

Our courses are designed to train you to develop and practice skills that catalyze transformation in self and relationship – immediately and sustainably.

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Unless stated otherwise, our courses will be delivered in English.

Level 1: Foundations

Level 1 has been widely called the most effective and transformational relational training in our participant’s lives. We offer this year-round introductory course in person, online, in three other languages, and in special editions.

Level 2: Advanced

Level 2 offers advanced relational tools and skills to catalyze yourself to become an agent of transformation. You will be guided to explore your own shadows and those of others in a tightly held conscious, relational space.


Level 3 takes you on an immersive 7-day experience of relational leadership in a beautiful retreat setting. You will leave with the insight and skill sets to lead and facilitate transformation in groups, communities, and organizations. 

Level 4: Facilitator certification

Level 4 is designed to develop Authentic Relating facilitation and leadership to the highest standard of competence in all domains and social and professional contexts. This is an ART certified facilitator program.

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Corporate ART Workshops

Authentic Relating Training in the Workplace

Whether you’re an individual, team, or company – if you’re ready to level-up and improve your work life – ART Work has a solution.

The words that come to mind to describe the weekend are: powerful, connective, transformational, heart-opening, community, humbling, and WOW! We talked, opened, unpacked, laughed, cried and grew, both as individuals and as community. It was perfect and just as it needed to be. Thank you to the facilitators for being such awesome, fearless leaders!

— Cassie Drew, Asheville

Do you want more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others?

To be able to turn conflict to connection, have confidence in expressing what’s on your heart, and create relatable spaces where others truly understand and connect with you?

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