ART Gift Cards

Share the gift of human connection with a friend or loved one

 At ART, we believe human connection is a fundamental human need. We are fed, nourished, loved, touched, and supported in connection with others. We cannot survive on our own, withdrawn and isolated from connection and community. Human connection is the medicine that heals the afflictions of the modern age – depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness. We see it all the time at our courses, those precious moments when our participants are touched by the light of connection, and their bodies, faces, and eyes light up with a knowing, a remembering, of what it’s like to come into connection with others.

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning more about human connection and conscious relationship? Give them the gift of connection with the ART Gift Card, usable at any ART courses, programs, or events.  

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Select the custom ART Gift Card amount you would like to purchase. Cards must be a min. of $25 and have a max of $1,000



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