Authentic Relating
Coaching and Consulting

ART International has a community of powerful, world-class coaches and consultants for individuals, couples and families. ART’s community coaches apply the same underlying principles of Authentic Relating that we teach in our courses to develop customized strategies and solutions to best serve their coaching and consulting clients.

Many of ART’s Certified Course Leaders are also coaches and consultants, and have gone through rigorous training to master the art and craft of Authentic Relating, and live and breathe the practice every day of their lives. They serve as mentors, guides, and deep listeners to their clients, and collaborate with them to generate insights and formulate strategies to engage with themselves and those around them at an unprecedented level of connection.

ART’s community coaches* work with individuals, couples, and families to help them cultivate a deep and foundational practice of Authentic Relating in all aspects of their lives. They’ve seen incredible results in providing one-on-one attention to their clients on an ongoing basis, in both their personal and professional pursuits. They hold up a clear mirror so that their clients can see their unconscious, hidden patterns reflected back to them, and expertly facilitate the client to generate their own insights and breakthroughs. 

Below you will find a list of ART’s community coaches so you can learn about each one and decide who feels like the best fit for you. Not sure which coach to choose? Fill out our simple Coaching Inquiry questionnaire and we will match you with one that best fits your needs.

*Please note that while ART’s community coaches are Certified ART Facilitators, they have their own independently owned and operated coaching businesses and are not overseen by ART International in this coaching capacity. ART is a non-compensated referral partner only, and will not be held liable for any aspect of the coach/client relationship outside of the ART course container.


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What you can expect of your coaching experience:

Here are some of the experiences and outcomes a client of an ART community coach can expect:

  • Clear reference points and skill sets to practice Authentic Relating every day, in all interactions, tailored specifically to the client. Our coaches are expert listeners, and constantly listen for both your spoken and unspoken needs and desires, and offer tools that empower you to know, express, and take responsibility for your needs and desires
  • Participation in a model relationship rooted in best Authentic Relating practices – we adhere to the principles of AR in every session to demonstrate the skills in real time, while teaching, revealing, and explaining as we go. It’s like pulling the curtain back on high-level Authentic Relating and seeing the mechanics that underpin the practice
  • Opportunities to bring real-life examples – both past and future – and run them through Authentic Relating processes to generate the most learning and insight possible. We break down real life incidents and interactions to extract the raw material needed to upgrade our models and skill sets, and explore alternative scenarios that employ Authentic Relating best practices
  • Flexibility in creating and committing to a coaching context that evolves as the client evolves – we collaborate on setting up the frequency and length of sessions, and we always check in and adjust as we go. We follow what’s alive in the moment, and give it space to unfold and reveal itself, trusting the process and using the illuminating aspects of Authentic Relating to achieve clarity.