ART's Community Coaches

ART International has a community of powerful, world-class coaches and consultants for individuals, couples and families. ART’s community coaches apply the same underlying principles of Authentic Relating that we teach in our courses to develop customized strategies and solutions to best serve their coaching and consulting clients.

Many of ART’s Certified Course Leaders are also coaches and consultants, and have gone through rigorous training to master the art and craft of Authentic Relating, and live and breathe the practice every day of their lives. They serve as mentors, guides, and deep listeners to their clients, and collaborate with them to generate insights and formulate strategies to engage with themselves and those around them at an unprecedented level of connection.

ART’s community coaches* work with individuals, couples, and families to help them cultivate a deep and foundational practice of Authentic Relating in all aspects of their lives. They’ve seen incredible results in providing one-on-one attention to their clients on an ongoing basis, in both their personal and professional pursuits. They hold up a clear mirror so that their clients can see their unconscious, hidden patterns reflected back to them, and expertly facilitate the client to generate their own insights and breakthroughs. 

Below you will find a list of ART’s community coaches so you can learn about each one and decide who feels like the best fit for you.

*Please note that while ART’s community coaches are Certified ART Facilitators, they have their own independently owned and operated coaching businesses and are not overseen by ART International in this coaching capacity. ART is a non-compensated referral partner only, and will not be held liable for any aspect of the coach/client relationship outside of the ART course container.

ART's Community Coaches

Dayna SEraye

To be human is to belong to an interconnected web of relationships — to self, to others and to the whole of life. And yet we silly humans forget and fall into the isolation and disconnection so rampant in our modern times. In my practice of relational coaching, I integrate the practices and teachings that have helped me most — authentic relating, somatic psychotherapy and yogic wisdom — to support you to restore the channels of connection within yourself and with others so that you may experience the well being and fulfillment you so deeply desire. Together, we will take a look at your holograms — your unconscious, limiting patterns that impact every aspect of your life. With skill and awareness, we begin to understand and therefore shift these patterns at the roots, creating more choice for you to show up the way you truly desire in every aspect of your life, from intimate relationships to your professional endeavors. My work with couples focuses on strong communication skills and learning to navigate conflict well, and my aim is to teach you practical skills to take with you into your relationship and life.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships, Business, Singles, Families/Children, General Life Coaching, Life Transition, Other

Years of Experience: 10

Rate: $120 – $160/hr, sliding scale

Credentials and Training: Hakomi Method of Somatic Psychotherapy, The Lifeline Technique, Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher offering individual and group sessions for 12 years, Senior Course Leader – ART International

Christopher Gray

If you’re looking for support with:

  • Maintaining some semblance of sanity in a corporate environment,
  • Staying connected with your partner when you’d rather run in the other direction,
  • Or, making peace with yourself exactly as you are,

Then you’re not alone. Let’s connect and talk a bit.

I’ve lived, loved, and lost in more ways than I’d like to admit. What felt like some of my toughest experiences, though, have turned out to be the very things that help me to be of deepest service to those I work with. Whether it’s connecting with others through authentic relating, connecting with ourselves through recovery, or inspiring others by stepping into our leadership, I’m on your side. 

The value I hold when working together is, first and foremost, welcoming you just as you are, as is. I value revealing what’s here in the present moment, and trusting that there’s deep wisdom in what arises between us. Then mutually exploring what arises with a sense of curiosity, exploration, and openness.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships, Business, General Life Coaching, Life Transition

Years of Experience: 5

Rate: $125/hr

Credentials and Training: ICF Certified Coach, Certified in Relational Leadership from the Integral Center, Certified ART Facilitator, Co-developer of The ART of Internal Family Systems and the Shadow Academy

Ryel Kestano

I’ve been at the forefront of the authentic relating community as a leader, business owner, coach, mentor, and curriculum designer for almost 10 years. I co-founded ART International, a leading provider of authentic relating training in almost 50 locations around the world. I provide an experience of clients feeling deeply seen, supported in identifying and integrating their shadow elements, guidance toward a profound sense of wholeness, and a blend of both love and challenge in my intuitive sense of the right medicine.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships, Business, Singles, Families/Children, General Life Coaching, Life Transition

Years of Experience: 10

Rate: $150/hr

Credentials and Training: Senior Course Leader and Course Leader Trainer at ART International, Certified Circling Facilitator, many years of study and leadership in authentic relating, and many years of coaching individuals and couples.


Hi, I’m Kate, a fellow human on the path of being real and in relationship. I value depth, authenticity, intimacy and adventure. I believe that our wisdom lies within our cells, tissues, organs and systems and that if we want to understand our minds, we can turn to our bodies. Most of all, I believe that we are whole and complete, and that there are practices and tools that support our remembering. My path and passion is supporting people like you to feel at home in your body, authentic in your relationships and alive in the world.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships, Singles, General Life Coaching, Life Transition, Other

Years of Experience: 10

Rate: $150/hr

Credentials and Training: Somatic Therapist, Mind Body Therapist, Somatic Movement Therapist, Somatic Stress Release Practitioner, Trauma Informed Coach, Trauma informed Therapist, Cranial-Sacral Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Freediving Instructor and Coach, Once upon a time world champion Freediver.

Also trained in: Inner Relationship Focusing, Poly-vagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Existential Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy and Ecosomatics

Vix Anderton

I’m a perfectionism and productivity coach for chronic overdoers, overthinkers and stressed out control freaks. I help them turn their inner critic into an ally and find powerful and sustainable ways to get on with what they care about without overwhelm and burnout.

With my own experience in high-stress environments from war zones to boardrooms, I’m now an advocate for using the principles of cyclical living and authentic relating, helping people manage their energy and emotions to bravely build more sustainable and authentic ways of being. My work is grounded in nervous system resourcing and regulation. I am committed to helping people to embody their innate wisdom and power, reconnecting them with their natural flow, intelligence and creativity.

I’m also a recovering perfectionist.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships, Singles, Business, General Life Coaching, Life Transition, Other

Years of Experience: 5

Rate: £150/hr

Credentials and Training: ICF Certified Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence Coach, trauma-informed Certified Embodied Coach and Facilitator, Certified Authentic Relating Facilitator, Red School Menstruality Mentor, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Former Royal Air Force Officer and senior leader with a BA in Economics and Politics and an MA in War Studies.

Ash Witham

Connection is an essential human need—and our birthright. And yet most of us don’t get the best template for this growing up…

So we make it into adulthood, stumbling through relating and heartbreak.

The truth is: if you want healthy, lasting, healing and holistic intimacy in your life—it starts with YOU.

As a certified coach, I support clients with the relational wisdom of Being With potently paired with the illuminating guidance of coaching to identify your blindspots, harness your already-present power, and see the path forward into your fullest expression of self, so that you can cultivate the life and relationships you most desire.

Through the lenses of: somatic wisdom and embodiment, shadow work, conscious relating, and empowerment—let’s alchemize your relationships & life.

Types of Coaching offered: Relationships & Intimacy, Singles, General Life Coaching, Somatic Coaching, Life Transition

Years of Experience: 3

Rate: $125-150 Sliding Scale

Credentials and Training: Certified Coach through The Relateful Co., ART Course Leader and Authentic Relating Certified Facilitator, Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy Certified through The Embody Lab, Embodied Transformation by the Strozzi Institute, Somatics, Trauma, and Resilience by the Strozzi Institute, International School of Temple Arts Level 1 Graduate, BA in Art with a minor in Art Education from UCLA, Co-founder of Shadow Academy and ARCI: Authentic Relating meets Contact Improv Retreat.

What you can expect of your coaching experience:

Here are some of the experiences and outcomes a client of an ART community coach can expect:

  • Clear reference points and skill sets to practice Authentic Relating every day, in all interactions, tailored specifically to the client. Our coaches are expert listeners, and constantly listen for both your spoken and unspoken needs and desires, and offer tools that empower you to know, express, and take responsibility for your needs and desires
  • Participation in a model relationship rooted in best Authentic Relating practices – we adhere to the principles of AR in every session to demonstrate the skills in real time, while teaching, revealing, and explaining as we go. It’s like pulling the curtain back on high-level Authentic Relating and seeing the mechanics that underpin the practice
  • Opportunities to bring real-life examples – both past and future – and run them through Authentic Relating processes to generate the most learning and insight possible. We break down real life incidents and interactions to extract the raw material needed to upgrade our models and skill sets, and explore alternative scenarios that employ Authentic Relating best practices
  • Flexibility in creating and committing to a coaching context that evolves as the client evolves – we collaborate on setting up the frequency and length of sessions, and we always check in and adjust as we go. We follow what’s alive in the moment, and give it space to unfold and reveal itself, trusting the process and using the illuminating aspects of Authentic Relating to achieve clarity.