Our Scholarship Program

ART International holds a value for making our courses accessible to as many people as possible and understand that financial investment can be a barrier to this. Our Scholarship program empowers people to participate who may otherwise not be able to do so, and enables us to offer our life-changing work across a wide spectrum of financial situations. 

Scholarship applications will be assessed on financial need, aiming to provide support to those most affected by the economic systems at play. We aim to support those who:

  • are supporting children or have other dependents
  • have significant debt
  • have significant medical expenses not covered by insurance or cannot work due to illness/injury
  • have previously experienced incarceration
  • have significant educational expenses
  • have immigration-related expenses
  • receive public assistance
  • reside in the Global South
  • belong to a people that have faced historical discrimination
  • are disadvantaged by the social-economic conditions in their locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world)
  • are a senior citizen with a fixed, low income

Level 1 and Level 2

  • Scholarships are considered upon application via our Level 1 & 2 Scholarship Application form.
  • We offer two scholarship seats per course that are available at 50% discount on the full course price. 
  • Scholarship offers are valid for 48 hours. After this time, if the Scholarship offer has not been used, it may be offered to someone else. 

Level 3

  • Only people who have been accepted to the Level 3 Training through the application process will be considered for a Scholarship. Before submitting your application for scholarship, please ensure you have also submitted a Level 3 Application Form
  • Each Level 3 has its own Level 3 Scholarship Application deadline which is listed on the relevant Level 3’s webpage. Should we have a high number of applications for financial aid, we are likely to close applications or bring the deadline forwards. We therefore advise you to apply early. 
  • Deposits for Level 3 can be put down in advance of receiving a Scholarship to secure a seat on the course. Securing a seat in this way does not ensure a scholarship discount will be offered. If a scholarship offer is not awarded, participants should be prepared to pay the full amount for the program. 
  • Scholarship offers must be accepted within one week of them being offered by an initial payment communicated by the Operations Team (the amount of which can vary depending on the stage of the Course Production process).
  • All payments are subject to our Level 3 Cancellation Policy.
  • If Scholarship offers have not been accepted by a payment within this period, any Scholarship funds offered may be withdrawn and/or offered to someone else in need of financial support.

    Please Note: Any scholarships will be partial scholarships – i.e. we are only able to offer a reduced rate rather than a full bursary for the course. Scholarships awarded will be dependent on level of scholarship funds which will vary by program.