Level 3: Leadership

December 2 - 8, 2024 | Bali, Indonesia

Do you want to experience what’s possible when you bring your whole self into connection, community, and leadership?

Will you be apart of this epic gathering?

2022 BALI, Level 3

Welcome to Level 3: Leadership

The Art of Leadership

December 2 - 8, 2024 | Bali, Indonesia

A 7-day deep dive into human consciousness, providing the insights and skills to lead and facilitate transformation in groups, organizations, and communities.

The Level 3: Leadership course is designed for graduates of our Level 1 and 2 courses to deeply immerse in the practice of authentic relating within a community of practitioners committed to cultivating themselves as relational leaders and embodied catalysts of cultural transformation. 

The advanced skills and practices in this training will support you to be on your tender edge where healing, growth and sustainable change happens, all while resourcing yourself in the profound power of human connection and the nourishment of nature.

Part leadership training, part connection laboratory, and part initiatory experience, this week will support you in the unique ways you desire to engage in and contribute to this world. From clarifying your vision and purpose, to facilitating transformational events, to being the embodiment of this work as a gift and inspiration for those you relate to in your life.

Who is this for?

A diverse group of participants thrive in our Level 3 course, including those who simply can’t get enough of Authentic Relating, leaders seeking to integrate relational principles into their current roles, and facilitators and healers who are eager to deepen their embodiment of authentic relating. 

For the "can't get enough" Authentic Relater

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself even further in the practice you love. You’ve experienced the profound richness it brings to your life, and now you’re eager to explore more, to share it with the people you care about. In this course, you will find what you’ve been searching for – deeper connections and new depths of Authentic Relating. Join a community of kindred spirits who share your longing for meaningful connections.

For the Leader

This program is designed to support you in integrating authentic relating into your current role of leadership. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, a parent, or leading and organization or movement, you recognize the value of being relational, connected, and integrated in your approach. You aspire to lead from the heart while maximizing your effectiveness. Level 3 will provide you with the tools and skills to lead authentically and foster a culture of trust and connection.

For the Facilitator or Healer

This training will help you fully embody your role of service. As a coach, therapist, or practitioner in the healing arts, you understand the importance of leading your clients and students with an integrated, relational way of being. Level 3 will deepen your understanding and practice of authentic relating, allowing you to bring a grounded and transformative approach to your work. If you want to go all the way, it’s a stepping stone on your path towards becoming an Authentic Relating Certified Facilitator through our Level 4 training.

If any of these descriptions resonate with you – or perhaps you have your own unique way of being in the world that would benefit from the transformative experience of Level 3 – you are warmly welcomed to apply.

The Level 3: Leadership training is a transformative program that combines cutting-edge training tools and practices. Led by our Senior Course Leaders along with a team of mentors sourced from our Level 4 Certification program, the Level 3 training supports participants to step into self leadership, carving an authentic and connected path forward in the diverse aspects of their personal and professional lives. 

Please note that acceptance into the Leadership Course is by application only. At this time, Level 1 is the only prerequisite. Beginning in 2025, Level 2 will also be required as a prerequisite. 

During this immersive training, you can expect to:

  • Embody authentic relating at a profound level, where it becomes second nature – like speaking a language or playing an instrument effortlessly. You’ll release the structures that were once necessary and learn to flow freely with the practice
  • Cultivate profound self-awareness and insight. Develop the ability to identify and articulate your personal experiences in the present moment, while gaining the tools to navigate unconscious patterns, habits, projections, and stories.
  • Acquire a powerful toolkit of practices to create contexts of deep human connection across various social domains. You’ll be empowered to invite and enroll others into these transformative spaces, fostering genuine and authentic connections.
  • Discover a clear sense of purpose and mission in the world. Through expertly facilitated practices and leveraging the group field, we will help you reflect upon and embody your essential values. Allowing you to align your leadership with authenticity and purpose.
  • Develop your capacity to facilitate relational spaces, cultivating coherence, trust, and shared perspective. You’ll gain the ability to name the unspoken and create a container for collective growth and transformation.
  • Embark on a profound journey of living and breathing Authentic Relating alongside our staff and fellow participants. You’ll forge deep connections and contribute to the cultivation of a strong sense of community.

Throughout the course, you’ll have various opportunities to step into leadership and facilitation. Our Course Leaders, mentors, and fellow participants will provide valuable guidance and feedback, supporting your growth and development as an authentic leader. Together, we will lovingly explore and uncover any blind spots, distorted frames of thinking, or limiting beliefs, creating a new context of empowered and transformative leadership.

Level 3: Leadership invites you to expand your authentic relating practice, deepen your self-awareness, and step into your role as a relational leader and catalyst for cultural transformation. Join us on this transformative journey as we co-create a world of profound connection, genuine leadership, and lasting change.

Your Course Leaders

Level 3 is led by our Senior Course Leaders.  Read more about Dayna Seraye and Rick Smith here.

Dayna Seraye, Course Leader

Rick Smith, Course Leader


  • Beautiful accommodation in an Indonesian beach-side oasis
  • Welcome day before the course (December 2) and Integration day after the course (December 8)
  • Seven days of transformation, experiential learning, conscious community, and deep, soulful relational work
  • Beautifully nutritious meals prepared 3x daily (with snacks, coffee & tea)
  • Access to Pacific Ocean views and land surrounding the retreat centre

The Venue - Gaia Oasis Pantai Beach Resort

Stretching for approximately one hectare along the Pacific Ocean, Gaia Oasis Pantai Beach Resort is located right on the seafront, providing quick access to swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. With uniquely designed Balinese-style bungalows just steps from Pantai’s black sand and pebble beach, visitors can enjoy long walks, listen to the sounds of the ocean, and watch the fishing boats and dolphins enjoying the morning sea. For this oceanfront Level 3 Leadership Course, we are absolutely thrilled to have found this gorgeous gem of a retreat center that we will have all to ourselves!


The beautiful bungalow accommodations are constructed out of bamboo, natural stone and wood; some are covered by traditional Alang-Alang grass roofs. They have open-air bathrooms, hot water, fully-equipped kitchens, mosquito nets, closets, towels, linen, and a day-bed. To reduce their carbon footprint, bungalows are designed to maximize airflow and use natural ventilation instead of air-conditioning.


Look out into the Pacific Ocean and feel the fresh breeze as you enjoy three daily buffets comprising of healthy Indonesian and western-influenced dishes. Prepared by Gaia Oasis’s Balinese chef and his team, the meals are largely vegetarian with fresh ocean fish and produce from their organic gardens.Poultry dishes, fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices and lassies (yoghurt mixed drinks) are available for purchase upon request, whilst mineral water, various teas, Balinese coffee and cocoa are available free of charge throughout the days.

chill out

When going to the beach, source some snorkeling gear, or opt for the Lotus Pool for a dip during the day or to enjoy a moonlight swim under the starry Bali sky – perfect for both water therapy and socializing, or refresh with a juice on the deck or pavilions located by the pool side. Gaia Oasis is committed to providing the most nourishing retreat experience for their guests and visitors.

Bali is brimming with local culture and breathtaking natural beauty. You will not have a shortage of things to see and experience whilst you’re on this beautiful island – also known as the Land of the Gods. 


Course Details

By Application Only

To create the most potent group field, we ask that all interested prospective participants go through the application process. This is to get a better sense of where you are in your leadership path and carefully determine if the Level 3 course is a good fit for you and for the group as a whole.

Integration Calls

To support your integration from our week together, we will have 2 optional integration calls for our Level 3 community as we transition back into our lives. These calls will take place in the time zone conducive to the course location and will be announced by the end of the Level 3 training.

The ART Leadership Community

As a graduate you will be joining hundreds of fellow Level 3 graduates around the world. A beautiful, tight-knit, conscious and relational network of humans dedicated to living the work in their lives and gifts. You will also be enriched with new and meaningful friendships and connections. Level 3 cohorts of the past have stayed in touch for years (and counting) after their program ended.

Tuition, food & lodging



  • Shared Room: $2775 USD
  • Single Room: $3075 USD

*All prices listed are per person and in USD.

* Early Bird seats are limited and confirmed on a first come, first served basis to the first 6 conformed participants. Early Bird seats are secured only by the submission of a deposit once an applicant has been accepted onto the training. 

*Please note that there are limited shared rooms available, and that there are various room types that vary in size, shape, design, and style. 

* We have a small number of concessional seats available for people who may need financial support. For more information, please find information about our Scholarship program and application here.

  • Due to demand the deadline to apply to this scholarship fund has been brought forward to May 24.
  • Should any other funds become available as we get closer to the course, a secondary scholarship deadline will be added.
  • Scholarship requests will only be considered by those who have also filled out a Level 3 application form.

Apply for the Level 3: Leadership

Please note that acceptance into the Leadership Course is by application only. At this time, Level 1 is the only prerequisite. Beginning in 2025, Level 2 will also be required as a prerequisite.

Schedule an Exploratory Call with an ART Facilitator

If you aren’t quite sure that you’re ready to apply or you just have some questions and want to learn a little more about the program, this is a great place to start!

Fill out this short form to express interest in the program and one of our course leaders will be in touch with you soon, Together, we can explore whether this program is a good fit for you. We look forward to connecting with you!