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Work remotely for ART International

We currently do not have any opportunities available at this time. Please check back again later or email us at to inquire.

ART is growing! As we continue to bring our world-class authentic relating training to more and more people around the world, our global team has some roles we’d love to fill from our extended community.

With nearly a 100 people in various roles in the organization, we’ve built an amazing team of dedicated humans all sharing a collective purpose to reconnect and build bridges between people, and share these profoundly life-changing skills and tools of authentic relating. If you want to work with conscious, heart-centered people doing big, purposeful work in the world, this is the place.

Read below for our open positions. Ideally, candidates have graduated from the Level 1 course, but we’re open to connecting with anyone you believe might be qualified for any of the positions.

You might notice that there is some overlap in some of the responsibilities and skillsets required for these positions, so let us know if you might be qualified for more than one as we are always open to customizing the perfect position for you!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Send an Email to:

Subject Line: The title of the position you are applying for (your name in parenthesis)

Please Include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Relevant work samples (if applicable)
  • Your experience with authentic relating (Level 1/2/3/ALP graduate, etc., or other related experience)
  • If you have any previous or current work experience with any of ART’s staff, Course Leaders, etc.

Sales & Enrollment Director

Position Description: The Sales and Enrollment Director is responsible for all ART course enrollment. This position will create and implement strategies to enroll live and online courses via relationship and community building, online marketing, and utilizing the existing ART community to maximize outreach and enrollment efforts.


  • Create and implement course enrollment strategy in collaboration with CEO
  • Identify and build relationships with online and local communities, groups, influencers, etc. to help enroll and promote ART courses
  • Further develop and manage ART Partner Program; relationship management and nurturing of ART partners, affiliates and referrals
  • Develop effective strategies and resources to engage existing ART community (course leaders, graduates, affiliates, etc.) in enrollment and outreach support
  • Determine most effective online marketing strategies for live and online courses and implement new initiatives in collaboration with Communications Coordinator

Required Experience:

  • Minimum 3+ years of sales experience
  • Minimum 3+ years of enrolling special events, online programs, etc.
  • Minimum 3+ years strategic online marketing
  • Minimum 5+ years experience networking, relationship building, relationship management, etc.

Hours: 10-20 hours a week, increasing as scope of work increases

Graphic Designer & Branding/Marketing Specialist

Position Overview: We’re looking for an opinionated person. This position will be responsible for the design and branding of our initial web presence in a new area, as well as marketing materials and marketing strategy for expressing our values and benefits in this new context.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Design a landing page that looks great and expresses our point of view
  • Develop online marketing strategy for outreach and engagement into a new market (online networking, email marketing, social media, etc.)
  • Create effective and beautiful marketing materials


  • You can provide examples of past work: websites, emails, graphics, infographics, videos, social media posts, etc.
  • You have a point of view on what’s great and what is not
  • You’re able to choose imagery that best supports the design and message
  • You’re down with authentic relating
  • You work quickly and efficiently, and can start soon

Hours: 15-20 hours per week; ideally more availability at the front end to get things moving!

Operations/Marketing Administrative Assistant

Position Overview: Supports ART’s many operations and marketing administrative needs, primarily responding to customer emails and managing all of ART’s email marketing

Position Responsibilities:

  • Respond to all customer emails, inquiries, requests, issues, etc.
  • Develop email marketing calendar
  • Design and execute on all ART’s promotional emails
  • Execute on various daily and weekly administrative tasks and projects
  • Support with routine operational processes
  • Support our dear Operations Coordinator Claire in her big, BIG role!


  • Proficient in working with email marketing software (specifically Active Campaign)
  • Experience creating and managing an email marketing program
  • Success designing effective promotional emails
  • Deeply passionate and skilled in the practice of authentic relating, and the ability to live and model this practice via written communication
  • An exceptionally skilled and heartfelt writer; this position is often our customer’s first point of contact, and it’s essential that they get a true ART experience from the start!
  • Extensive customer service experience, especially via written communication
  • Experiencing of working with Zoom?
  • Incredibly organized and detail-oriented; works well with systems and processes

Hours: 10-15 hours per week to start; this is a new position so time will tell!

IT/WordPress Technician

Position Overview: ART’s go-to team member for all things WordPress and IT

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Handle the backend of ART’s WordPress website (from adding/editing pages and products to complex integration and coding)
  • Manage integrations for other online programs such as Zoom, Active Campaign, Zapier, etc.
  • Research and identify solutions for ongoing IT needs, learn new programs and create and implement new processes


  • Extensive experience developing and managing functionality of complex websites (specifically WordPress): coding, RSS, plug-ins, integrations, etc.
  • Natural skill, efficiency and understanding of a variety of online programs
  • Must be available daily to respond to regular and often time-sensitive website changes/additions

Hours: Averages around 10 per week; will grow as we grow!

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