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ART of Intimacy – Level 1 for Couples


Couples: The ART of Intimacy

Do you believe that intimate relationships can be a vehicle for profound healing, growth, and wholeness?

Do you want to unlock vast new territories of intimacy, depth, connection, and vulnerability in your relationship? 

Are you committed to doing the work of integrating all parts of yourself so that you can show up in your relationship powerfully and consciously? 

Do you want to have the most effective tools and skills to navigate conflict in a way that leads to deeper connection and more empathy?

Welcome to Level 1: Foundations -

Couples: The ART of Intimacy

Our flagship authentic relating course has introduced the foundational tools and skills of this life changing practice to thousands of people around the world. The course is designed to make the learning of authentic relating as accessible, adoptable, practical, and engaging as possible, so that graduates can apply their new skills to their lives right away with immediate results.

We’ve designed this course to give you the experience of profound connection, intimacy, trust, and aliveness with anyone you want, anytime, anywhere – all within just two days (or six weeks for our online course). The tools and skills we teach work across all social contexts, from the workplace to the living room, from strangers to partners and everyone in between.

Our experienced Course Leaders expertly guide you through a curriculum that strongly emphasizes embodied and experiential learning. This is not a lecture or seminar – it is a deep dive full-immersion training that will leave you enlivened, heart and mind-opened, and deeply connected to yourself and others.

We’ve delivered the same Level 1 Course to spiritual seekers in Bali, jail inmates in Colorado, executives in New York City, and men and women from all across the social, cultural, economic, and political spectrum, of all ages and nationalities, in almost 50 locations on four continents. Universally, participants report profound and lasting transformation in all aspects of their lives. The course speaks in the shared language of human connection, and is designed specifically to include everyone in the practice of Authentic Relating, no matter what path they’ve traveled in life.

We believe that we all have the capacity to be bridges – between parts of ourselves, ourselves with others, and together with the world. The course’s mission is to build bridges, and use our bridges to heal, connect, and co-create a more enlivened, awakened world – together.

Couples: The ART of Intimacy - Course Description

The groundbreaking practice of Authentic Relating has been spreading around the world, touching the lives of people from all walks of life and transforming relationships wherever people share time and space. 

The ART of Intimacy Level 1 course for couples takes the very best and most relevant teachings, exercises, tools and skills from the practice of Authentic Relating and sequences them to produce a relational experience that will profoundly transform and deepen your intimate relationship, and provide vastly expanded access to the nourishment that only a conscious relationship can open. 

Wherever you are in the relationship journey – whether you’ve just met and are committed to conscious relating or you’ve been in partnership for decades – the Level 1 course for couples will guide you through proven skills and tools that are incredibly easy to learn, apply, and embody. There are many treasures to discover in the shared space no matter how long you’ve been together, and authentic relating provides the most effective map to explore this beautiful terrain.

Our experienced Course Leaders expertly guide you through a curriculum that strongly emphasizes embodied and experiential learning. This is not a lecture or seminar – it is a deep dive full-immersion couples training that will leave you and your partner enlivened, heart and mind-opened, and deeply connected to yourself and each other.

The Level 1 Couples course includes skills and practices in these areas:

  • A greater awareness of and attunement to the relational space, and tools and skills to make it strong, trustable, and inclusive
  • The ability to create a safe space for both you and your partner to be vulnerable, revealed, and deeply seen and heard
  • A complete set of conversational frameworks and resources to guide interactions to deeper layers and more honest, real experiences of intimate connection – not only with your partner, but with everyone
  • An embodied awareness of balance in relationship, and how to be in both the dignity of speaking your truth and using your voice, and in the humility of being fully with your partner and listening for their core values, needs, wants, and preferences
  • A powerful set of tools to navigate all experiences of conflict or tension that reframe conflict as an opportunity for healing, wholeness, and empathy
  • Access to genuine, child-like curiosity for yourself, your partner, and the relationship itself, learning how to find the treasures that delight and nourish throughout the journey of conscious partnership
  • A deeply bonding experience of working with other couples, all brought together by the desire to become ever more conscious and awake in relationship and connection

This course is the answer to growing up in a field of unhealthy relationships. There are so many relational skills that I didn’t even know existed before taking courses ART. These skills have totally transformed my relationships. I now feel empowered to create the intimacy that I’ve always longed for. I’m so grateful for these course offerings!

— Haven, Level 1 Couples

When registering: 

All course registration closes up to 24 hours in advance of the course start. Please sign up before this time to ensure that your order is processed and you are enrolled on the course.

The Level 1 Online course includes:
  • Six 3-hour sessions once per week for six weeks in a row
  • Multiple time zones to accommodate all geographic locations

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