Internal Family Systems

Have you ever thought you had to do it on your own?

Have you been stuck in a cycle you can’t get out of?

Have you been condemning yourself for not being able to make a change?

The ART of IFS Course Description

In the IFS model, we use the 5 practices of Authentic Relating to be with and get curious about the many different parts of ourselves. Just as we choose to do with others when we are seeking a greater sense of connection, we can slow down and really “get the world” of one of our parts, without judgement or any agenda to fix, correct, or solve. And through this “being with”, we can listen – listen to what the part has been trying to share with us…. perhaps for a very long time.

The IFS paradigm has given us a new language to understand our inner parts, it has opened up the possibility of looking at our inner system with compassion and understanding, and has allowed us to create space for our truest self to emerge.

Authentic Relating has given us a new language to connect deeper with others and ourselves, bring more awareness into our own experience and gave us the tools to welcome what arises.

In this three session mini-course, with these two powerful tools combined for the first time in this group process, we’ll work with each other to explore:

  • What it looks like to communicate with our parts using Authentic Relating
  • How they will respond to be seen and acknowledged in the beautiful space of welcoming everything
  • How the map IFS presents to us can help us get to know others in a deeper way than ever, getting each other’s worlds in new and exciting ways
  • How we can create immense healing that can uniquely occur in this sacred group space

By learning how relate with ourselves in this deep way, we may be in danger of:

  • Feeling more alive, present, and expansion
  • Recovering our sense of wonder and child-like spontaneity
  • Having more space available to be with others we care about
  • Being able to slow down and see our parts patterns in action for a deeper understanding of them
  • Learning to unblend from parts and hold space for them even in heightened situations

Come join us in this adventure.

As a graduate of the ART of Recovery course, you will leave with:

  • The ability to engage in deep, meaningful, soulful conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • A powerful language and skill-set to accurately and transparently express your authentic experience in real time, and to invite others to do the same
  • The awareness to identify your true, core desires, and the ability to articulate them to others
  • A profound understanding of the dignity of speaking your authentic voice, and the humility of using your eyes and ears to pay attention to – and learn from – the world around you
  • The ability to see and reflect the essential being in others, and to gently guide them into a space in which they can be fully, wholly themselves – one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other
  • A complete set of powerful tools to de-escalate conflict and to use conflict as a vehicle leading to deeper connection, understanding, and empathy
  • A restored connection to childlike genuine curiosity, and a perspective that regards the world with awe and wonder
  • The ability to set powerful context at both the personal and collective levels, and a clear understanding of how influential context is in informing our experience of life
  • An experience of profoundly vulnerable, intimate, beautiful connections with other participants that will leave you inspired, delighted, and heart-opened
“The ART of IFS was an amazing experience. I’ve been through several ART courses, and this one was particularly powerful because it blended the tools of Internal Family Systems with AR, which helped me get so much more clarity around my own experience. Chris and Yaniv created a space that helped me see better how my inner parts are relating and how they’re showing up in my relationships. I recommend the ART of IFS for anyone who is ready to turn the relationship skills of AR inward for greater self-understanding.”
- Justin
“Chris and Yaniv inspire me to seek more from my life. Thanks to this course and their guidance, I'm finding deeper connection with different parts of myself. I've always struggled with trying to find a consistent "self". The framework of IFS, guided via the principles of Authentic Relating; has helped me accept the reality of how I am. The course let me see this reality in others, and through connection we were able to explore parts of ourselves we could not have found alone.”
- Robbie
“Chris and Yaniv did an exceptional job explaining and modeling the powerful alignment between the ART and IFS models in the ART of Internal Family Systems program. They established a warm, welcoming environment for a novice like myself to wrestle with the concepts, but more importantly experience meaningful connection with others from around the world through the activities and debriefs. The experience has given me insights and ways of expressing myself that have had an impact in my relationships, as well as practices and tools I can share with the leaders I work with professionally.”
- Brian
"I found "ART of Internal Family Systems" to be of phenomenal benefit in both my personal transformational journey and my professional healing work. It is, without a doubt, one of the best workshops I've ever taken (and that's speaking from over 40 years worth of professional, personal, and spiritual workshops). The facilitators offer a beautiful balance of Authentic Relating's skill and heart. as they bring IFS perspective into the picture of how one is in relationship with oneself. The course offers an exquisite weaving of teaching, discussion, and practice. It is a beautiful combo for healing and transformation. I highly recommend it."
- Marianne
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The ART of IFS Course

Using Zoom as our online workshop platform, highly trained and experienced Senior Course Leaders guide you through a thoroughly tested and proven sequence of advanced authentic relating exercises designed to teach you the most powerful tools to create and deepen connection, with facilitated group conversation after each exercise to ensure maximum learning.

  • Three 3 hour sessions offered once per week on Wednesdays for three weeks in a row
  • Available to individuals in the US and Europe time zones.

Interested in a course preview? Watch the Internal Family Systems webinar with Chris and Yaniv

The ART of IFS Dates

Prior to registering, use this time zone converter to make sure you have the correct days and times in your time zone.

  • START DATE: December 7, 2022 (3 weeks/3 sessions)
    >>> Conducive to The Americas & Europe time zones (check yours here)

    • Course Schedule: Wednesdays, 9am – 11:30am US Pacific Time // 6pm – 8:30pm Central European Time
    • Session Dates: December 7, 14, 21               

                    SOLD OUT: email us at [email protected] to join our waitlist.

The ART of Internal Family Systems


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Course Dates:

December 7 – $245

Course Leaders

Christopher gray

Christopher is a course leader of The ART of Being Human, Levels 1 & 2, as well as the Authentic Leadership Program (ALP). He’s spent 20 years in the software world as a leader in educational technology, most recently at Facebook. During that time, Christopher has also been doing extensive work supporting people struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, and codependency. Since discovering and immersing himself in the practice of Authentic Relating, he’s transitioned to coaching and working with ART to bring this transformative, humanizing practice to the world. He teaches Bikram yoga, and, most importantly, is from New Jersey.

Yaniv Rose

With a background in theater and 10 years of tech leadership experience, Yaniv’s path led him to be trained by the IFS Institute in Barcelona and has since assisted hundreds of humans integrate their parts, either in group or 1 on 1 settings. Yaniv is also a trained AR facilitator, and is currently part of the ART L4 program for certification. He is extremely passionate about bringing humans together and also back to themselves.

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