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ART Webinars

ART Webinar Series

The ART Webinar Series are free online sessions open to everyone,
led by expert ART Course Leaders and guest facilitators

The Series provide teachings, insights, guidance, and exercises specifically for audiences with an interest in various themes and topics and how they overlap with the practice of authentic relating and human connection.

Our most recent ART Webinar was held on Thursday July 7th

9am – 10am US Pacific Time
6pm – 7pm Central European Time

Authentic Relating and Death

with Yaniv Rose & Sasha Leah Adina Wickenden

Authentic Relating at Work

Everything Wrong with Authentic Relating

The ART of The Authentic Woman

The ART of the Authentic Man

The ART of Imperfection

Authentic Relating for the Holidays Part 2

Authentic Relating for the Holidays Part 1

The ART of Authentic Dating

Authentic Relating for Professionals Part 2: Tools for Teams

The ART of Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Authentic Relating for Professionals

An Introduction to the Shadow Academy

The ART of Recovery

How to Connect and Communicate with your Teenager

How to be an Authentic Man in Today's World

How to Cultivate Conscious Relationship with Intimate Partners

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