Organizational Development

When individuals are empowered, companies are empowered

Harness the full potential of your organization with groundbreaking relational tools that produce results needed by all organizations to succeed in today’s business landscape

We offer sophisticated relational tools that unlock these results by developing clear, empathetic and generative interpersonal communication. We do this through a guided process and exploration of what is not being spoken, but that often serves as a block to:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Free Flow of Ideas
  • Concise Communication
  • Individual and Team Empowerment
  • An Accepting and Low Stress Environment

Our practical approach strengthens cohesion among managers and team members, establishes clear communication and feedback, and creates a positive, mature, and fulfilling workplace where individuals can do their best work. The tools that we provide are simple yet effective, allowing for immediate application and integration. These tools equip leaders and managers with universal skills to share and use in a multitude of organizational and relational contexts, creating endless opportunities for company evolution. 

Training Overview

The ART Program focuses on the following:

  • The Five Practices of Authentic Relating, and how to implement them in the workplace, to foster self-empowerment, agency, accountability and integrity
  • Basic communication tools and skills to engage in clear, honest, direct, respectful and conscious relationships with others
  • Skills to engage in deep listening and how to identify people’s values, needs and desires 
  • Cultivation of a psychologically safe and empathetic space 
  • The power of genuine curiosity, and how to use it to reveal hidden layers and unspoken perspectives so that everyone has a voice
  • The tools of Conflict Transformation that can transform any conflict into greater understanding, closer connection, and alignment towards goals and objectives

ART Co-founder and Senior Course Leader Ryel Kestano presented ART Interntaional’s “Five Practices of Authentic Relating” to the attendees at the Summit gathering in Tulum, Mexico.

“We find the Authentic Relating principles to be a powerful and elegant tool, helping our business run well as an organization, helping us to do the actual work we do every day serving people, and helping our clients do the work they need to do. This training has had amazing, tangible effects on how efficiently and collaboratively people are able to navigate the minefield of family legal transition.”

– John C. Hoelle, Attorney and Couples Mediator, Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC

The practices of Authentic Relating have revolutionized organizations around the world.  We’ve seen these social tools and technologies enrich workplace communication culture in organizations of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped generate extraordinary results in:

High employee attraction and retention

Alignment across departments and stakeholders in understanding, communicating, and living the values of the organization

Cultures that welcome all perspectives and benefit from their contributions

ART International’s Organizational Opportunities

  • Individual coaching for executives and decision-makers
  • Group facilitation for managers or departments
  • Company-wide workshops and retreats
  • Individual trainings/sessions
  • Ongoing development and integration programs

Organizational Benefits from the Use of ART Tools

We build capacity to:

  • Powerfully align and commit to the organization’s or team’s vision, mission and goals
  • Engage in transparent, responsible, conscious communication to foster a culture based on integrity, accountability and clarity
  • Cultivate a culture of valuing differences, fostering creativity, and stimulating innovation 
  • Foster psychological safety by recognizing individual values, boundaries, needs and preferences
  • Develop more trustable and aligned relationships with both coworkers and clients
  • Cocreate a culture of human wholeness that accepts and welcomes the whole person, recognizing that work and life are not separate
  • Create positive reinforcing cycles of learning and performance improvement 
  • Deliver and receive feedback in a way that is clear, actionable, and constructive
  • Identify and transform destructive patterns and communication blocks
  • Define and practice shared team norms for handling difficult conversations to promote understanding, higher trust, and collaboration
  • Create a culture and mutual understanding that conflict fuels connection and empathy

ART Co-founder and Senior Course Leader Ryel Kestano and ART Course Leader Dayna Seraye presented to over 200 analysts and engineers at Onprem‘s Annual Corporate Retreat in Palm Springs, Calif.

“We recently presented the ART training program to our upper and middle management teams. To say it’s a game changer is an understatement. I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way our teams communicate and problem solve in a fast paced work environment. If you have employees who are struggling with personal and group dynamics, ART training will provide skills needed to support your staff while allowing company management to operate in a fluid manner.”

– Yoshi Aono, Founder, Hanuman Festival, and CEO, Sun Wellness 

Organizational Engagement Process 

Because every organization and team is unique, we use a proven four-step process to ensure maximum ROI from the work: 

  • Discover – Identify the team’s desired state, current state, strengths, blockers, and the business case for change, through interviews and reviewing relevant data
  • Design – Create an Action Plan and validate with team leadership and other key stakeholders as indicated
  • Deliver – Implement the Action Plan, usually including coaching, training, facilitation, and self-directed learning practices
  • Debrief – Measure and evaluate the business impact of the team’s progress and identify next steps for continuous improvement 

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ART Co-founder and Senior Course Leader Ryel Kestano presented our Five Practices to 250 people at the Hive Global Leaders Summit in Silicon Valley, Calif.

“We engaged ART to lead a training for our company. While some employees seemed tentative about participating, within a few exercises, everyone was fully engaged. By the end, we all felt deep connection and respect for one another. Our team came away feeling empowered to have the kind of challenging conversations that elevate us to ever higher levels of productivity and professionalism. I’m proud of the work environment ART helped us to create, and excited to see how our clients are benefiting from these transformative practices.”

– Peter Fabish, Co-Founder and Partner, Conscious Family Law

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