Level 3 - The ART of Leadership

September 21 - 28, 2023 | Breteuil, France

An 8-day deep dive into human consciousness, providing the insights and skills to lead and facilitate transformation in groups, organizations, and communities.

The ART of Leadership is designed for graduates of our Level 1 and 2 courses to vastly deepen and broaden their authentic relating practice in all aspects of their lives, and to empower participants to become relational leaders and embodied catalysts of cultural transformation.

We believe that this week-long program is the most efficient, powerful, and sustainably transformational authentic relating leadership training anywhere in the world. We’ve combined and sequenced the most cutting edge training tools and practices to provide participants with a training process that is rigorous, challenging, empowering, and full of joy and sense of community.

Led by our most Senior Course Leaders along with a team of mentors sourced from our Level 4 Certification program, the Level 3 course prepares participants for authentic leadership in all aspects of both their personal and professional lives. 

2022 the Netherlands, Level 3

Participants can expect the following experiences and outcomes from The ART of Leadership training program:

  • The practice of authentic relating at the embodied level – the equivalent of speaking a language or playing an instrument without thinking about it, letting go of the structures that were necessary early on and learning to flow freely with the practice
  • Depths of self-awareness and insight – the ability to both identify and articulate personal experience in real time, and to track previously unconscious patterns, habits, projections, and stories
  • A set of powerful tools and practices to take out into the world and create contexts of human connection in all social domains, and enroll people into those contexts.
  • A clear sense of purpose and mission in the world – we leverage the group field to reflect the essential values of each participant through the means of expertly facilitated practices
  • Expanded capacity and newfound ability to facilitate groups toward coherence and trust, and to name the un-named in service of cultivating a shared perspective
  • A profound journey of living, breathing, and dreaming authentic relating with other staff and participants for five intense days of practice

Participants will have multiple opportunities to step into leadership and facilitation during the course, with rigorous guidance and feedback from Course Leaders, mentors, and other participants. If there are any blind spots, distorted frames of thinking, or limiting beliefs, we will lovingly sniff them out and work together to create a new context of empowered leadership.


ART Level 3 Leadership Course led by Senior Course Leader Christopher Gray and Course Leaders Margo Fisher and Natasha Figueroa. Read more about Christopher, Margo and Natasha here.

  • Beautiful accommodation in the French countryside
  • Welcome day before the course (September 21) and Integration day after the course (September 28)
  • Seven days of transformation, experiential learning, conscious community, and deep, soulful relational work
  • Beautifully nutritious meals prepared 3x daily (with snacks, coffee & tea)
  • Access to the beautiful grounds and land surrounding the retreat centr

The Venue - Mill Retreat Centre

The Mill Retreat Centre is only for groups who are working for the good in some form, this is to ensure a powerful and positive ethos. Examples of groups who use the centre are: environmental, charitable, creative, spiritual, religious, alternative medicine, Yoga and more.

Originally built in 1846 as a Camembert cheese factory it used the river ‘Bresle’ to power the cheese mixing process with an old hydro turbine located underneath the Mill. They are in the process of renovating an old 1880 turbine which has an extremely unusual design. It has a vertical axis and the turbine wheel is permanently underwater so it cannot be seen, even when it is in action. Even though it was built 130 years ago it is nearly as efficient as a modern design, an extraordinary feat of the European industrial revolution and we are currently in the process of setting up hydro electricity utilizing the original Mill works.

The Grounds

The Mill Retreat Centre is located in a spectacular setting with over 30 acres of grounds. These include a 10 acre lake with stunning wetlands habitat and over a mile of riverbanks, perfect for relaxing walks and wildlife spotting. With a 6 acre poplar wood plantation and a wide variety of native plants and trees, the grounds of the Mill are a paradise for a huge variety of creatures from wild boar and deer to water mammals such as otters and over 40 species of birds.

In 2008, 5 acres of the grounds were dedicated as a nature reserve to aid in vital conservation work, helping to ensure the continued survival and protection of many local species.

The Centre

Whether you’re lounging by the fire, meditating on the grounds, or resting in your room, Mill Retreat Centre is designed to bring your heart and soul deep rejuvenation and well-being.

While the centre has much to offer in itself, the nature experience is the essence of the heart of Mill Retreat Centre. Take a walk in the forest, lay in the grass, sit by the pond, listen to the birds, grab a bike and take to the beautiful surrounding areas – Mill Retreat truly is an Oasis.

Mill Retreat delights in introducing the joy of beautiful vegetarian food made with love, that is sure to fuel your body and soul.

Their guestrooms, common areas and event spaces are simple, serene and gorgeous, designed with participants’ peace, comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. Bright and spacious throughout, Mill Retreat Centre is the perfect place to let your authentic self truly come alive.

Course Details

By Application Only

To create the most potent group field, we ask that all interested prospective participants go through the application process so that we can get a better sense of where you are in your leadership path and carefully determine if the Level 3 course is a good fit for you and for the group as a whole.  

Ongoing Participant Contact

Part of the context of the Level 3 course is to support graduates in sharing the authentic relating practice and its constituent tools and skills with a wider audience. As such, we are committed to providing extensive support to help establish the resources and infrastructure our graduates may need to create the vehicles by which the practice can spread.

The ART Leadership Community

As a graduate of The ART of Leadership program, you will be joining hundreds of fellow Level 3 graduates around the world – a beautiful, tight-knit, conscious and relational network of humans dedicated to living the work in their lives and gifts. You will also emerge out of your Level 3 program profoundly enriched with new and meaningful friendships and connections with your fellow participants. Level 3 cohorts of the past have stayed in touch for years (and counting) after their program ended. 

Course Fee:

EARLY BIRD ~ (2 seats left at this price)

  • Shared Room: $2950 USD
  • Single Room: $3250 USD
  • Level 3 Grad: $300 USD discount on above prices


  • Shared Room: $3150 USD
  • Single Room: $3450 USD
  • Level 3 Grads: $300 USD discount on above prices

*All prices listed are per person.

*Please note that there are limited shared rooms available. 

Submit your application for the Level 3 Leadership course

Please note that acceptance into the Leadership Course is by application only, and at this time, is open solely to ART Level 1 graduates.

Schedule an Exploratory Call with an ART Facilitator

If you aren’t quite sure that you’re ready to apply or you just have some questions and want to learn a little more about the program, this is a great place to start!

Fill out this short form to express interest in the program and one of our course leaders will be in touch with you soon, Together, we can explore whether this program is a good fit for you. We look forward to connecting with you!

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