Episode 15 with Jeff Brown

Author, filmmaker and enrealment activist Jeff Brown joins ART co-founder Jason Digges this week to dive into what it means to live as a Grounded Spiritualist.

Since his first book, Soulshaping: Adventures in Self-Creation, was self published, Jeff has gone on to write: Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground, An Uncommon Bond, Spiritual Graffiti and his latest Grounded Spirituality among opening his own publishing company Enrealment Press and “an institute of truer learning”, Soulshaping Institute.

He describes his struggles as leading to his purpose:

to support humanity in their efforts to embody all that they are.
Not to bypass their humanness, but to celebrate it.
Not to find enlightenment independent of the self, but to find enrealment deep within it. Here we are, just as we are.

Join Jeff and Jason as they explore models of spirituality which honor and encompass the authentic human experience present in the now.

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